Top 5 ways to make your backyard more visually appealing!

We all know the weather is starting to heat up which means the backyards must be cleaned and the grass must be mowed. However, if you want to go the extra mile and make yours more alluring, below are some suggestions.

Add a Fireplace

By adding a fireplace, you can create an illuminating contrast of hot and cold in your backyard. An addition to the extra light, it creates a sense of warmth and can be used anytime of the year. Even during cool nights in the fall, one can host outdoor activities and other nature-oriented events. Furthermore, it becomes an extension of your house and provides a quintessential gathering place for your family. In addition, they can provide a place to cook and can increase the value of your home.

Grass “Borders”

If you ever were confused as to how to level the incongruencies in your backyard, decorative grass is a great option. They combine visual appeal with a sense of being a barrier to create an otherworldly fit between natural and artificial scenery. In the landscaping world, grass isn’t the only option to creating boundaries in your backyard. You can use various plants and flowers as well as surround these plants with stones to create a secondary boundary. This can create a genuine feel of nature and the suburban scenery being combined.

Vertical Garden

All backyards look more appealing with natural scenery but just adding potted plants won’t cut it. In order to go outside of the box, you might want to consider adding something similar to a vertical garden. One way to create a vertical garden is to hang plant pots vertically on a wall. However, another option would be to install plastic trays that hold the plants and have spaces for the roots as well as for air flow. These create an artistic and natural sense that is unmatched by other types of visual pieces such as paintings.


Although any type and style of furniture is acceptable for backyards, one may want to consider wooden furniture, especially those on a budget. This type of furniture nicely coincides with the emphasis on nature shown above. Along with the visual beauty, furniture reinforces the idea of family gathering and unity, especially if put together with a fireplace. Additionally, furniture adds to the color of the scenery and even encourages one to perform some physical activity outdoors. At the end of the day, furniture provides a comfortable space to congregate and gain some amazing extraterrestrial experiences.


Tapestries can be used not only as decorative pieces but also as dividers to create separate “zones” in your backyard as well as for privacy. These illustrations can be hung to create a more outdoor feel and can even be used to represent the natural beauty of your backyard. Additionally, they create an intimate environment that encourages family gathering.

Word of Advice

When using these suggestions, don’t hesitate to add your own twist and create a unique style for any of these specific items. Furthermore, it is perfect to centralize your backyard around a few items rather than using many decorative pieces at once. And lastly, try to find a balance between the natural and suburban world. At Giovine Landscaping, we can help you implement any of these elements so you are sure to have a fun filled time in the outdoors this summer!