Landscaping and Hardscaping Design & Build Services in South Orange, NJ

Landscaping and Hardscaping Design & Build Services in South Orange, NJ

About South Orange, NJ

South Orange, NJ, known as the Township of South Orange Village from October 1978 until April 25, 2024, is a suburban village in Essex County. As of the 2020 United States census, the village population was 18,484, an increase of 2,286 from the 2010 census count of 16,198. Seton Hall University is located in the township.


Hardscaping pertains to anything from patios and walkways to retaining walls and fire pits. These renovations, when positioned properly and designed using colors and materials that are complementary to the rest of the landscape, enhance your property and can increase its selling value. Hardscaping is a way to add both beauty and functionality to a space, extending the living space from indoors into the outdoor region. South Orange, NJ homeowners should contact Giovine Landscaping for the perfect design and installation of their dream hardscaping elements. We are dedicated to crafting a beautiful space for you to spend time with family and friends outside.

Landscape Contractors

The landscaping contractors at Giovine Landscaping are professionals with extensive knowledge of plants, outdoor materials, and design. We know that no property is identical. With homes varying in shape, positioning, sun exposure, and elevation, we are well-equipped and prepared to address any of your landscaping needs. We complete all projects with the client’s exact specifications in mind. As we communicate everything they need to know about the appropriate landscaping work for their home, we ensure the final results always fit the vision, budget, and needs of the client. South Orange, NJ property owners need to look no further than our leading landscape contractors. Feel free to reach out for a quick and easy consultation.

Outdoor kitchens

Hosting meals and get-togethers are made simple with outdoor kitchens, adding tremendous value to your home experience. Spending time outside with guests and family becomes a new treat with this hardscape element, allowing you to have a grill, use a sink, and store cold beverages without having to exit your yard. At Giovine Landscaping, we are highly skilled at installing the stone pavers that typically make up outdoor kitchens. South Orange, NJ homeowners have a variety of options when it comes to the shape, size, and color of the material, so it is a highly customizable process. Our experts will guarantee that you love the new additions made to your outdoor space.

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping is a job that Giovine Landscaping can handle with ease. Our team is highly experienced in working on complex commercial projects that include irregularly shaped buildings, large properties, and parking lots. As professionals, no job is too difficult for us. Landscaping on a commercial property is crucial to setting the first impression of your business to visiting clients. For instance, neat and detailed landscaping could convey that the organization is clean, professional, and put-together. Your South Orange, NJ commercial property may need new landscaping, and we are eager to help fulfill that need.

Residential Landscaping Design & Build

Landscaping goes beyond adding greenery to your property; it involves creating an ambiance, as well. With the help of Giovine Landscaping, we aim to create an oasis in your outdoor space that you will be proud of. Our expert planning and design skills guarantee elite service for all our South Orange, NJ clients. Whether you want your space to have a romantic, elegant, grand, or quaint vibe, our team of skilled professionals will help you reach the vision you have for your home.

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