Landscaping and Hardscaping Design & Build Services in Livingston, NJ

Landscaping and Hardscaping Design & Build Services in Livingston, NJ

About Livingston, NJ

Livingston, NJ is a town in Essex County, which lies in the northeastern part of the state. This town, named for William Livingston, is centrally located within the New York metropolitan area and is commutable to New York City. Livingston, NJ is filled with families and is a mostly residential neighborhood, though it does have some commercial areas that offer shopping and other professional services. Giovine Landscaping is proud to provide landscaping and hardscaping services to the residents and professionals in Livingston, NJ.


A perfectly positioned patio in material and color that complements your property can significantly elevate your space and your home or building’s value. Hardscaping can include anything from patios and walkways to fire pits and retaining walls. While landscaping adds beauty to a space, hardscaping adds beauty plus functionality. Hardscaping also allows you to extend living from indoors to outdoors. Using various stone or brick pavers, you can have a designated and beautiful space for spending time with family and friends outside. If you want hardscaping for your Livingston, NJ property, Giovine Landscaping will work with you to design and install the perfect hardscaping elements.

Landscape Contractors

As landscape contractors, the professionals at Giovine Landscaping deeply understand plants, outdoor materials, and design. Every property is unique in shape, elevation, positioning, and sun exposure, so we never approach landscaping jobs in a cookie-cutter fashion. We work closely with all our clients to give them the most appropriate landscaping work for their property that fits their vision, budget, and needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation if you require landscape contractors for your Livingston, NJ property!

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a luxury that adds tremendous value to both your home and your family life. With an outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy spending time outdoors while easily hosting meals and get-togethers. Even if you don’t host guests, spending time with your family outside can be incredibly enriching. Outdoor kitchens allow you to grill, have use of a sink, and keep cold water and other beverages at hand without ever having to leave your yard. Outdoor kitchens are usually made from stone pavers that come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Our experts can install an outdoor kitchen you will love on your Livingston, NJ property.

Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping on commercial properties is an important part of making a first impression on clients and other visitors. Neat and thought-out landscaping conveys that your business is clean, organized, and professional. Commercial landscaping can be more complex than residential landscaping, as commercial buildings often have large properties that can include irregularly shaped buildings, as well as parking lots and other elements to take into consideration. The experienced professionals at Giovine Landscaping have worked with many businesses and have provided commercial landscaping to a wide variety of properties. If you need commercial landscaping work done on your Livingston, NJ property, give us a call.

Residential Landscaping Design & Build

We can help you create an oasis on your property that you can be proud of. Landscaping isn’t only about adding some greenery to your property–it’s about creating an ambiance. Residential landscaping includes planning and design skills to build the proper set-up for your outdoor space. Whether you are going for romantic, whimsical, elegant, grand, quaint, or some combination on your property in Livingston, NJ, the landscape contractors at Giovine Landscaping will help you achieve your vision.

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