Landscaping and Hardscaping Design & Build Services in West Orange, NJ

Landscaping and Hardscaping Design & Build Services in West Orange, NJ

About West Orange, NJ

West Orange is a suburban township in Essex County, NJ. As of the 2020 United States Census, the township’s population was 48,843, reflecting an increase from previous years. It’s no surprise that West Orange, NJ is a popular place to live, as it is a family-friendly town in close proximity to New Jersey’s largest city, Newark, as well as to New York City. Only 12 miles west of Manhattan, West Orange is a convenient home for a wide variety of professionals and other city-goers while providing the benefits of living in a suburb.


If your goal is to both elevate the quality of your yard and increase property value, a beautiful patio can be a significant addition to your property. Hardscaping describes non-plant features of your yard, like patios, walkways, fire pits, decks, and retaining walls. High-quality hardscaping adds beauty and functionality to any yard and allows you to extend your functional living space outdoors. For instance, you can use various stone or brick pavers to designate outdoor spaces for specific uses, like socializing and cooking. If you want to install new hardscaping on your West Orange, NJ property, we are here to help. Giovine Landscaping will work with you to design and install the hardscaping you want. Give us a call today.

Landscape Contractors

Our expert team of landscape contractors deeply understands plants, outdoor construction materials, and landscaping design. We respect the fact that every property is unique and cannot be approached in a cookie-cutter fashion. Our landscape contractors will keep the individual characteristics of your property, your desires, your needs, and your budget in mind when we design a custom landscape for you. We will work closely with you to give you and your family the most amazing landscaping work possible. Reach out for a consultation so we can start the process for our landscape contractors to transform your West Orange, NJ property!

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens add tremendous value to your home while facilitating more quality family time. They allow people to enjoy time outdoors while also hosting family meals and backyard parties. Even if you are not a person who typically hosts a lot of guests, cooking for your family outside can be incredibly enriching. Once you have installed your outdoor kitchen, you will be able to grill, utilize a sink, and keep food and drinks refrigerated without ever having to leave your yard. Please let our experts install an outdoor kitchen on your West Orange, NJ property that you will fall in love with.

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping is an important part of making a positive first impression on clients, staff, and everyone else visiting your commercial property. If you want people to see your business as clean, organized, and professional, you need neat and thought-out landscaping to contribute to that message. Giovine Landscaping has provided commercial landscaping services to a wide variety of properties, so we are prepared to handle all aspects of your project. We understand that commercial landscaping is often more complex than residential landscaping because it involves large properties, irregularly shaped buildings, parking lots, and other elements, and we are prepared for the task. If you need commercial landscaping work done on your West Orange, NJ property, we can help.

Residential Landscaping Design & Build

Our team of experts has the necessary skills to build an oasis on your property that you and your family can enjoy for years and decades to come. Residential landscaping is not simply adding plants to your property; it takes intricate planning and design skills to design and build an enjoyable outdoor space. Whether you want the vibe of your landscaping to be romantic, whimsical, elegant, grand, quaint, or something else, we can implement your vision on your West Orange, NJ, property. Our landscape contractors here at Giovine Landscaping will make your vision a tangible reality.

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