Summer Landscaping Tips

Summer is here, and we know your home garden is in full bloom. While the warm temperatures of the summer months are associated with flourishing plant life, it is easy to forget that the seasonal conditions also pose certain challenges for your greenery. Along with high heat, the lower rate of precipitation during these months can put pressure on your garden, so maintenance is as important now as it is during any other season. As such, the experts at Giovine Landscaping have compiled a list of several summer landscaping tips that will help maximize your backyard’s beauty and health.

Watering System

Although plants see less rain in the summer months, it does not mean that homeowners should be overwatering them. Overwatering can be as fatal for plant life as underwatering, so it is vital to do your watering smartly. One way to do this is to implement a drip irrigation system in your backyard. This setup allows water to penetrate the plant deeper, avoiding wasting water from fast evaporation in the sun. As opposed to a hose or sprinkler, this system infiltrates the soil rather than drenches the plant. When you do this, you want to make sure the soil receives about an inch of rain a week. This method provides a useful way to maintain your garden in the summer without racking up your water bill. 

Mowing the Lawn 

In the summer, cutting grass too short makes it vulnerable to heat damage and drought stress. So, it is important to raise the mower height to slightly above its height during the cool seasons. Cutting the grass longer also improves soil moisture and helps prevent weed growth.  At the same time, homeowners should avoid letting their grass grow too long as clipping off too much in one go can cause great stress on the plant. 

Add Some Shade

It is a good idea to provide relief for exposed plants from blazing summer rays. Simultaneously, cooling your backyard by adding shade will do you, your guests, and any pets you may have a great service. Several ways this can be accomplished include:

  1. Installing an awning.
  2. Hanging up shade sails.
  3. Building a pergola.
  4. Planting shade trees.

All of these methods decrease the amount of excessive sunlight that reaches you and your garden. Installing exterior structures is a viable option, and so is utilizing plant life to fulfill this task. Selecting the correct shade tree is an involved process but will yield great results when an adequate choice is made. 

Deal With Weeds Early

In the summer, weeds are a hassle to deal with. They will bloom anywhere from your garden to between cracks in the pavement as hot and dry conditions give them the perfect opportunity for propagation. The most vital tip for dealing with weeds is to nip them in the bud, extracting them when they are still small and low in population. When they have grown higher, they are significantly harder to remove. Additionally, if a weed species manages to dominate a lawn, it is nearly impossible to remove it afterward. Herbicides are often used to target invasive plants, but they can harm the lawn; hand-pulling is a much safer option. 

Lawn and garden maintenance is a year-round activity, but certain tasks become more emphasized during the hottest months. Incorporating these summer landscaping tips into your practice will contribute to a healthier overall lawn that will sustain itself for longer. The experts at Giovine Landscaping know that a beautiful landscape is key to a happy home, so we are eager to help you achieve the outdoor space you desire. Contact us today at (724) 316-3064.