5 Reasons To Get a Garden Pond

Garden ponds are beautiful, vibrant, and endlessly entertaining. You might be thinking that they are impractical, too expensive, or too complicated to maintain. But these myths are simply not true, and there are many benefits that come with a garden pond.

Increase Property Value

Having a garden pond greatly increases your home’s property value, making it a financially worthwhile investment. It sets your home apart from the rest and adds a unique touch of vitality to your garden. For prospective homeowners who enjoy nature and wildlife, a garden pond could make just the difference.

Take Advantage of Yard Space

Green grass is beautiful in its own right, but there are many less-explored alternative gardening options that can breathe new life to your property. If you have a decently-sized yard, chances are that you are left with a good amount of unused yard space. Many homeowners start off with a relatively small pond, which takes up less space than you think. If you are still hesitant about garden ponds, dip your toes into the idea by installing a small pond. Most of your property will remain untouched and available for other projects.

In cases where fallen trees or other accidents have left your yard with a gaping hole, take advantage of even that and consider installing a small pond. As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Replace Street Noise With Relaxation

Science can’t quite explain why people all over the world are as attracted to water as we are. What we do know, however, is that being by large bodies of water induces a mildly meditative state in most people. It invokes feelings of awe and connectedness, which can inspire an increased capacity for connection and empathy. Unfortunately, most of us do not live right by the ocean. Garden ponds, therefore, mimic the sound of running water and can help you relax better.

This is especially relevant if you live by a moderately busy road and hear street noises and cars regularly. Garden ponds will help to mask unwanted background noise and replace it with the peaceful bubbling sound of running water. Water features such as small waterfalls will help you and your family members unwind after long days or difficult moments.

Step Into Water Gardening

As beautiful as regular gardening is, water gardening is rewarding, lush, and unique. Floating plants, as the name suggests, grow exclusively in water and add a delicate touch to pond surfaces. Because most floating plants absorb nutrients from the water, they usually do not need supplemental fertilization. Be warned, however, that many floating plants can quickly cover a pond’s surface and must be manually removed. Floating plants, like water lilies, are captivating and colorful. Marginal plants, such as irises, grow on pond edges and add vertical height to the surrounding area of your garden pond.

Attract Wildlife

Most people add koi or other fish into their pond for a colorful mix of life in their garden pond. But also remember that any water source, including man-made ones, will attract wildlife. Birds, bees, and dragonflies will stop for a drink. Beneficial insects, like bees and butterflies, will pollinate your garden, while birds will help to control pest populations. An entire ecosystem can be brought into your own backyard from a single garden pond. Watch your backyard flourish brilliantly before your very eyes.

If you are indeed considering a garden pond for your property, be sure to find a highly-rated, fully-insured, and experienced landscaping company, such as Giovine Landscaping Inc. Many things can go wrong when working with man-made bodies of water. Get the absolute best for your property and watch your garden be transformed immediately.