Top 5 Benefits of Having a Fire Pit

Fire pits have increased in popularity all over the country. A 2016 survey performed by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) ranked fire pits as the number one outdoor design element requested by consumers. But fire pits are not just another trend cruising on by with no intrinsic value. Having a fire pit in your yard actually brings you several benefits, which makes it a worthwhile, pretty affordable (depending on the kind of fire pit you choose, of course) investment. Below are five real, tangible benefits of having a fire pit aside from just, “it’s cool.” (Which it is!)

Keeps mosquitos away.

Say what? An outdoor activity that DOESN’T include getting devoured by mosquitos? It turns out that mosquitoes don’t like smoke, and if you plant a few bug-repelling plants or light some citronella candles around your fire, you’re even more protected.

A bigger barbecue.

You can literally cook any type of food on a fire pit, and your cooking area is bigger than on a barbecue. Just place a grill on top and get those steaks sizzling. Burgers and hot dogs are a given, but you can use a frying pan and make eggs, pancakes, and grilled cheese, too. For a real family tradition, whip up some Rocky Mountain Toast (cut a hole in a slice of bread, crack an egg into it, and fry it on the skillet. Tastes delicious with some campfire smokeyness to it!). Experiment with different kinds of wood to infuse different flavors into your food.

Family quality time.

I’ll amend that–family quality time away from the TV. For thousands of years, humankind has gathered around the fire to socialize, tell stories, and connect. It’s hard these days to entice the kids-and adults!–away from the ever-beckoning television, especially in the era of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. But it’s in our blood to enjoy sitting around the fire, so light up your fire pit and gather your family together for some cozy, quality time making memories that will last forever.

Reduces blood pressure.

Wait. Seriously? Yes! A University of Alabama study done by Christopher Dana Lynn showed that just 15 minutes sitting in front of the fire caused both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of participants to go down by several points. According to Lynn, evolution may be the reason we relax when listening to a crackling fire. Being able to destress and clear your head actually helped with survival in the days of the cavemen, and that’s pretty much still true today. Stress is a killer, literally.

Increases home value.

With the former four benefits, of course it increases your home’s value. Fire pits are in demand and they extend the living space of your house, which makes your overall property more desirable.

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